Cisco Unified Communication Manager

1-Week Course


In our 5-Day intensive lab training, you will learn to build the Unified Communications infrastructure using Cisco CUCM software v11.5, from the ground up including maintaining and troubleshooting your coporate communication system.

The training will take you from set up an IP phone, applying extension, music on hold, dial plan and pattern, conferencing that span from a single site to multiple sites. Once the training is completed, you will have the knowledge to maintain, deploy and troubleshoot your existing VoIP network.

This course is designed for candidates who already have working knowledge of basic networking and VoIP fundamental.

Read on or contact us for more information and availability on our CUCM bootcamps.


Course Content
  • CUCM architecture and terminology
  • Add and delete phones manually or auto registration
  • Add phones, users and make changes to existing configurations using BAT
  • Add users, assign them capabilities, and associate them with phones and lines
  • Import users from Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Configure phone features: shared lines, call park, DND, Music on Hold, and services
  • Setup hunt group for helpdesk or call center environment
  • Configure Cisco Unity (Voice Mail)
  • Associate users and extensions to Cisco Unity System
  • Setup and optimize video conferencing
  • Deploy multiple sites and setup failover
  • Connect to the outside world (PSTN)
Extensive Lab and Hands-On sessions:
Each student will have their own Call Manager 11.5
Each student will implement the above objectives
Each student will have access to various Cisco VoIP phones
Each student will have access to Cisco 29xx routers and Cisco POE switches to simulate wide area network.
In addition, student will have access to Call Manager system
Minimum Requirements: This is NOT a beginning class in networking. We expect students to have a good understanding of TCP/IP, basic configuration of Cisco Routers, Switches and static routing. If not, please consult with our representative.

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